What is an SPF Highlighter™?
The SPF Highlighter® is a total coverage sunscreen stick that gives you the illusion of contour & highlight without any makeup, fillers or filters.
How do I use the SPF Highlighter®?
Apply the SPF Highlighter® along your cheekbones, cupid’s bow & nose (or any areas you wish to appear enhanced). Enjoy a day in the sun and don't forget to reapply. After washing your face, you’ll notice your best features are still glowing and you're left with the illusion of contour & highlight without any makeup, fillers or filters! 
We recommend always using a base SPF daily, no matter what.
What’s the difference between an SPF Highlighter and a “High SPF Stick” or “Highlighter with SPF in it” ?
Unlike any other, the SPF Highlighter® was designed with comfort & coverage in mind. Formulated with a combination of broad spectrum & dual protection factors in a soft-touch wand leaving a hint of shimmer and faint scent of peppermint. It also contains both chemical and physical SPFs to give you total coverage above and below the surface, which not many SPF products do. 
A basic 'SPF stick' is usually made for your entire face - not the areas most prone to sunburn. No other stick includes dual coverage protection along with a residue-free soft touch glide on & shimmer factor. The SPF Highlighter® is designed to substitute your makeup contour & highlighters.
'Makeup highlighters' contain an excessive amount of glitter, when you put them on you usually pat them down. Some do have SPF, but it's usually a small amount and are not normally broad spectrum or dual coverage
The SPF Highlighter has chemical & physical sunscreens, why?
As our Ozone layer gets thinner, we need stronger protection. Natural or Mineral sunscreens sit on top of your skin to deflect the sun's rays while Chemical sunscreens create a chemical reaction underneath your dermis and turn UV Rays into heat, then released. What happens when one of them fails? Wonder no more. We’ve got both! No matter what the circumstance, we want you to be covered. Sometimes natural is just not enough but we do acknowledge it's importance. 
What are the benefits of using an SPF Highlighter®?
Besides our moisturizing and anti-aging components, we want to help protect your features that are most prone to sunburn.
We also know that makeup can clog your pores, fillers can do long term damage & sometimes instagram filters are just not enough, so our SPF Highlighter® is the most natural way to get pain-free enhancements & minimize long term damage.
You can achieve a thinner looking nose, higher cheek bones, fuller looking lips & a stronger jawline.
When do you start seeing results of the SPF Highlighter®?
Depending on your base SPF (we recommend a 15-30 SPF daily) + the time you spend in the sun, you could see results in 2-4 hours! Don't forget to re-apply every 60 minutes when you're in direct sunlight. The more regularly you use the SPF Highlighter®, the longer lasting the effects will be. 
If you do not like the look this product give, feel free to stop use & the effects will go away in a few days.
What are the claims on your product?
SPF 45, UVA/UVB Broad Spectrum Protection, FDA & OTC approved, Dermatologist tested, Paraben Free, Oxybenzone Free, Cruelty Free, Hypoallergenic, Anti-Aging, Dual Coverage, Made in the USA.   
I would like to wholesale or license the SPF Highlighter®?
If you are interested in wholesale or licensing of the SPF Highlighter® please contact us via support@petiue.com.
Did you have another question about the SPF Highlighter®?
Feel free to email us at support@petiue.com.
The product "SPF Highlighter®" is trademarked. Any company or person attempting to recreate or use the name "SPF Highlighter®" will have legal actions taken upon them.