Only good things happen when you use the SPF Highlighter™.

Besides our moisturizing and anti-aging components, we want to help protect your features that are most prone to sunburn. We also know that makeup can clog your pores, fillers can do long term damage & instagram filters are a giveaway, so our SPF Highlighter™ is the most natural way to get a sculpted look while also benefiting your health!

We all love benefits.

Protects the areas most prone to sunburn


Pain-free natural enhancements


Minimizing long term damage from fillers & makeup clogging pores

Things we claim.

Paraben Free.

Oxybenzone Free.

Cruelty Free.

Dermatologist Tested.


Broad Spectrum.

FDA & OTC Approved.

Made in the USA.

Achievable features.

Thinner Nose

Higher Cheekbones

Fuller Lips

Stronger Jawline