Since 2014 I’ve been conducting a case-study on myself. Right before I left the house, I’d apply a dab of 45 SPF along the bridge of my nose. Why? Well when I do my makeup, I contour & highlight my nose to make it look thinner. I love the way it looked but hated having to wear makeup everyday. So I had this random idea that if I put a high SPF where I’d usually put my highlighter on, the rest of my face would tan darker and the spot where I put the SPF would remin lighter. And it did!!! After a few days I’d achieved a thinner looking nose from the illusion of contouring with SPF!

After a couple weeks of daily exposure and testing out different areas on my face, my friends kept asking me how I’d been looking so good lately! They couldn’t pinpoint what was different. They thought I was getting fillers, wearing makeup all the time or editing my photos. I was getting compliments left and right that I looked refreshed, sculpted & skinnier! I keep wondering why no one has ever thought about doing this before or that maybe that I’m just crazy. Whatever it was, I knew I was onto something good.

After 4 years while doing research & studies on myself, I finally decided to trademark my idea and name it the world's first ‘SPF Highlighter™’. Designed with the consumer in mind, I made sure the formula focused on comfort and coverage. The 45 SPF stick glides on smoothly leaving a delicate trace of shimmer and refreshing scent of peppermint. It has carrot & coconut infusions, hydrating & anti-aging components alongside claims like hypoallergenic, FDA approved, dermatologist tested, cruelty & paraben free, recyclable and made in the USA.

I know we can get caught up in things that can help us change the way we look. Makeup can clog your pores, fillers are invasive, painful & sometimes instagram filters just aren’t enough. The SPF Highlighter™ is my solution to change while benefiting my health.

Anyways, I hope you like my idea and the formula I’ve created!

xx J